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Right here you’ll find all of our available videos, separated into two courses, Beginner and Intermediate.

How to Create Patterns from Your Own Clothing





1. Introduction to the Beginner Course  FREE!

Welcome to the Beginner Course! In this short video, we quickly introduce ourselves and share what we’ll be teaching you throughout the beginner’s course.



2. Essential Sewing Tools

This video covers the tools and materials you’ll need to get started, plus our most used and most loved sewing tools.



3. The Basics of Your Sewing Machine

Have a sewing machine but don’t know how to use it? This video will go through all the parts of your machine and how they work. You’ll be an expert by the end!



4. Sewing Machine Feet and Needles

Different kinds of fabric and projects require different needles and presser feet. In this video you’ll learn about the different kinds that are available, and which ones to use on your various projects and fabrics.



5. Basic Sewing Machine Stitches

This video covers all the basic kinds of stitches you will use constantly in apparel sewing, including straight stitches, zigzag stitches, basting, blind hem, stretch stitches, and even buttonhole stitches.



6. A Beginner’s Guide to Buying and Choosing Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for a project is essential to creating a beautiful and professional looking garment. We’ll cover all the different kinds of fabric that are available, and which ones to use for each of your projects.



7. Hemming

Hemming is a simple, but absolutely essential skill. We’ll show you how to hem both woven and knit fabrics, as well as how to hem with a double needle, and create a blind hem.



8. Three Methods of Gathering

In this video we’ll show you three methods of gathering that are used for simple gathers, ruching, or ruffles.



9. Three Ways to Create a Basic Waistband

Creating a basic waistband can be done with a piece of elastic as the waistband, a casing in which you insert the elastic, or with knit fabric that stretches so no elastic or zipper is needed. This video will show you all three!



10. TUTORIAL: Creating an A-Line Skirt with an Elastic Waistband

It’s time to put all your skills to use! In this video, we’ll take you step by step as we create a beautiful custom A-line skirt, using all the skills you learned in the beginner’s course.






11. Introduction to the Intermediate Course  FREE!

Welcome to the Intermediate Course! In this short video, we’ll introduce this course, and give you a glimpse of what we’ll be working on over the next nine videos!



12. Basics of Serger Machines and Serging Stitches

Buying a serger was a game changer for our sewing careers. In this video, we’ll convince you that you absolutely need a serger (wink!), cover all the parts of the machine, and how to use it.



13. Creating and Inserting Darts

Darts are used to create a perfect fit, and in this video we’ll show you how to create them in just a few easy steps.



14. Creating and Inserting Pockets 

Pockets are one of our favorite details in a garment. Once you know how to make them, you’ll want to add them to everything! This video will teach you how to create both patch pockets and side seam pockets.



15. Three Variations of Pleats

Pleats are such a fun detail to add to skirts and dresses. This video will cover three styles of pleats and how to add them to your garments.



16. Inserting Standard and Invisible Zippers

As you start creating your own clothing, inserting zippers is an essential skill, and will open up all sorts of clothing construction possibilities. We’ll teach you how to insert both a standard (plastic or metal teeth) zipper, and an invisible zipper.



17. Inserting a Sleeve

Sleeves can seem scary and tricky, but this video will teach you all the tricks to inserting them so it’s quick and easy. Additionally, this video will show you how to create puffed sleeves, cuffed sleeves, dolman, and raglan (or baseball) sleeves.



18. Creating and Attaching a Non-Elastic Waistband

Elastic waistbands are great, but creating a flat waistband with a zipper and hook and eye is so professional, and is a skill you’ll need as you create more advanced garments.



19. Creating a Professional Neckline

There is nothing more distracting on a handmade garment than a bad neckline! This video will teach you the two most common styles of necklines: lined, and ribbed. Plus we’ll show you how to make both a crew and v-shaped neckline.



20. TUTORIAL: Creating a Shift Dress

It’s time to put all those intermediate skills to use and make a gorgeous, custom shift dress with pockets, darts, a zipper, sleeves, and a professional neckline.




Each video will also available to rent on our YouTube channel.

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